Work Environment

Kanabar Electrical


Website Photography

Unique images that brought out their professionalism and commitment.

Kanabar Electrical is a company based in London, UK. The website that Kanabar Electrical previously used was a regular template based website - something that a lot of other users in the market had too! They were unhappy that they had to pay high price for a design (monthly) that did not really speak of who they were. They approached me for a bespoke design that would bring out their identity. To bring out their brand even better, I photographed the various elements that their work entails.

I had a certain vision for photography and how it will contribute to the look and feel of the website I was going to design for them. I set up each photograph to focus on a particular element and executed as planned. The final result was then merged into the website design to give that bespoke look and feel to the overall product

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