Tulpen Route, Flevoland, Netherlands




Endless Tulip Fields

Holland is world renowned for its tulips. Every year, tourists from all over the world visit the Netherlands to see the blossoming tulip fields . Actually, the tulip comes from Turkey, but for centuries the Dutch have been breeding tulips in various colors and forms. From the moment the first tulip was planted in Dutch soil, in 1593, the Netherlands has been in extravagant bloom and the Dutch have been in thrall to flowers, inventing a whole horticultural industry and turning their lowland fields into a blanket of blooms. The flowers reach their climax, of course, in April and May, when Holland offers Europe's quintessential spring drive. For anyone who wants to see nature in all its glory and smell the roses—or in this case the tulips, hyacinths, narcissi, and daffodils — western Holland is the prime place to be. And the Dutch, as practical as they are aesthetic, have made certain that visitors won't miss a single bloom.

This was shot across the beautiful Tulpen Route (Tulip Route) in Leiden, Flevoland, Netherlands. The route is estimated to be around 101 kilometers and is filled with tulip fields. The tulips are supplied to the entire world.

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